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2013-07-09 00:17:32 by kitt85711

For those who may know me, I am kitt85711 A.K.A Kittrell Smith. I would like to talk about the music I create and how I do it. I love to inspire people with stuff I can come up with but the sad thing is, I'm just not there yet. I play my guitar every day and one time, working with a buddy of mine I played with him 12 hours straight. He says I'm not ready to play shows and all and I do believe that because I know exactly what I'm missing. I need the free time to travel, I need the songs/setlist and it gets complicated from there on out. A couple of friends in guitar class like to play covers of Metallica etc. And I never thought I would be like that til I found Coheed and Cambria. I love their music and how it sounds. I don't play it to show off but to learn their playing technique and add it on to mine and thats what makes musician's technique special. Honestly if you have the time to take guitar classes and want to get in to music colleges something like Juliart, go for it, but learning difficult stuff like reading music is just not my thing. I did teach myself how to play guitar and piano. And believe me, in the long run it does pay off to learn the skill to read sheet music and work with advanced musicians but if you ever wanted to start something like a band of some sort, I recommend playing with your peers with the same level of knowledge you have about your instruments etc. And my old rhythm guitarist, Lance, he knew some things about the guitar and so did I once we met up in guitar class, and he had this idea of starting a band and so I agreed but a tip of advice... You also want to find someone with the same commitment you have about music. Me, I have a passion in music, it's so strong its actually affecting how I'm doing in school. I'm working hard now because I know that I'm going to have it hard in the long run if I don't even finish high school. Believe me I should be learning from my father's mistakes (Even though he's not a musician). I don't even get time to practice with him, I'm creating all the music, and he just wants the chicks. Honestly that's fine. People have their own reasons for playing and I have mine, he has his and so who am I to dis on his reasons but there are still good reasons and bad reasons. Depending on why you want to play could affect you when you try to rise to the top. Me, I have a passion in to creating basically art, for your ears and I enjoy doing that. Him he could make it but just not like I could make it. I'm advancing when I play guitar sometimes I can tell I'm getting better sometimes I cant. But if I want to play just to get chicks things could go bad at that point for people in the band and maybe family members if they don't approve of explicit stuff such as adultery etc. But I'm getting way over my head about this since this kid is only 16. Anyways there is a question I ask myself... How can you be sure that you will get to fame, play big shows etc. in other words 'make it'. There are so many musicians out there, people you never even heard about. Me, I'm just a 14 year old guitarist and I bet you never heard of me but still proving a point a lot of people play and a lot of people don't really rise from anything. But it all comes down to the environments your living in. Arizona is a bad place to find other band members (for me) since for one thing I don't have the transportation to make it out to people and theres better places than Arizona to find people. You gotta look in big places. People go to Hollywood to make it as a star for example, theres gotta be a better place for music and what falls into the music category right...? You have to keep a tight band, keep on schedules, practice, practice, practice, and get tips and advice from other musicians. Check out a band called Hands & Feet. I know these guys, I went to one of their practices and most of their shows. They are a Tucson band somewhat known but they aren't big. They are a Christian Rock band. Listen I don't listen to much Christian music but the type of music they play, in my opinion its extravagant. And the guitarist's influences are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, & others. Imagine how that sounds... When I was 5 or 6 years old, I remember Joe Satriani playing at a small music store called "Guitars Etc." It's now a Chicago Music Store but when I was 6 years old I remember being on my father's shoulders listening to the music with the crowd there and I got a signed autograph from him and thats been a big influence to me since I knew what that ment when I got older. But my influences would have to be Joe Satriani, Claudio Sanchez, & Carlos Santa. I hope some of my advice with some real life experiences helped a bit, until next time. -Kittrell Smith

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